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Clockworks cata updated 2014

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Clockworks cata updated 2014 Empty Clockworks cata updated 2014

Post by _IKESTER_ on Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:23 pm

Clockworks cata updated 2014

Clockworks cata updated 2014
Clockworks 2014 update duel realm..
This is for x64 comps.

New website vbulliton 4.2.0 amd updated music account page
sql info.
Website updated vb 4.2.0 Music account page updated.
skyfire duel realm.
Maps and vmaps included in core files

Realm 1
skyfire core
Patch 4.0.6 13623
Tree tele. and Flying Vanquisher 
x1 drop

Clockworks cata updated 2014 4fww0m

Clockworks cata updated 2014 6eel39

Realm 2

Clockworks cata updated 2014 Jzcxop
skyfire core
Patch 4.0.6 13623
Flying Everywhere...
Flying Missle Frostworm...
Starting tank...
Pocket Cata Porter....
5000 Start Gold...
Start lvl 85...
x3 drop...
99.9 Uptime....
tree tree tele...
_ikester_ mall tele...
Starting Skills...
Duel Wield...
Titan Grip...
PvP Stormwind & Origramar...
Massive ingame expansion ...
Stormwind sky boardwalk...
SkyTram... Most major ereas have a skytram.( some bugs I will fix in the next release)

New Malls...

4.0.3 Vendors...
T11 Vendor & Weapons...
Cataclysim Vendors...

New Mall locations..
Preasent count 14...

Alliance mall.. 
Horde mall...
Darnassus mall...
Ironforge mall...
Exodar mall...
Thunder bluff mall...
Undercity mall...
Silvermoon city mall...
Stormwind mall...
Gilneas city mall..
Dalaran mall...
Shattrath mall...
Lake Everstill mall...
Gmisland mall...


Download the files
drag to your desktop extract.
Open _server start apache then mysql.
open core 1 start logon then world..
Go to core2 start world
Core1 launch auth then world
Go to core2 launch world
Go to your browser type ...
Make account.
MYSQL root/pass ...
Be sure you have net framwork 4+
And c++ installed on your pc...

vendors jacobe
Skyfire core..
Tele's..Not sure who made but kudos from ikester... 
Server development TreeTree
Server development/ingame dev Me..
Website updates by me. 
Clockworks cata updated 2014.rar 1.23 GB
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
New wesie pic

Clockworks cata updated 2014 264kuxk

Clockworks cata updated 2014 33lin3t

Clockworks cata updated 2014 Xcom215

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