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Post by _IKESTER_ on Wed Nov 05, 2014 12:05 am

So i decided to release my custom operating system.
It's windows7 ultimate.
 i used a handfull of softwares witch are free to creat this iso/o.s. 

one of the softwares is made to preinstall software on a o.s.

 The os is a trial version and the os  has not been altered .

 I only created a pre software installer package so people could install softwares without having to spend hours downloading them.

So people need not be worried about copyright infringments.
Imay update this if people like it.
This is a triel version of w7 so you will need to get your own product key.

Kind regards _Ikester_

phoenix-w7r8.rar 6.54 GB!mZsDjSCL


phoenix-w7r8 30jpge0

phoenix-w7r8 23snlw
phoenix-w7r8 2eg7j89
phoenix-w7r8 2vkdfo9
phoenix-w7r8 15317wl
phoenix-w7r8 34y9ov5
phoenix-w7r8 2znvlns
phoenix-w7r8 1zpi72x

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