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arcemu database editor

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arcemu database editor Empty arcemu database editor

Post by _IKESTER_ on Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:46 pm

For all the Noobs out there that Don't wanna do all the extremely Hard work of database editing just gotta use this. Its easy to use and It can do the Following:

[size="3"]Npc Creator[/size]
[size="3"]Item Creator[/size]
[size="3"]Quest Creator[/size]
[size="3"]Items Page Editor[/size]
[size="3"]Weather Editor[/size]
[size="3"]Npc and Quest Connector[/size]
[size="3"]Vendor Editor[/size]
[size="3"]Loot Editor[/size]

Just Use this download link below to get it:

Filebeam - Free Fast File Hosting

Download it then put it in a certain folder. Any will do.

Then hit "FlexibleDBEditor.exe" and It will take you to A page that says Host, Port, Username, Password, Database!

Put this info in:

host: localhost
Port: 3306
Username: root
Password: ascent
Database: ascent

Make sure Your Sql.bat has been started.(you can do that with the Control panel!)

Now It should take you to a page That ahs a lot of stuff you can use.

Just put in the info of what you want a npc to be then hit update and it will say (Whatever you used) has been Created!

Then Go back into your server type this in:

.server reloadtable creature_names

.server reloadtable creature_proto

if you made a custom item MAKE SURE ITS UNDER 5 DIGETS LONG!!!

Use this if you made a custom item:

.server reloadtable items

And Spawn or Add the Thing you created and its there.

I Will say this now!!!


All i did was tell people how to use it. I Take No credit for this!!!

The actual Credit for making this is the following:

Flex -
Whoever created the Old Database Editor

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