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how to set up hamachi and make it public

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how to set up hamachi and make it public

Post by _IKESTER_ on Sun Nov 20, 2011 9:28 am

How to: Make a WoW Private server/Public with Hamachi/Acc Create
Hello Everyone. Welcome to my Tutorial on how to make a WoW Private server any patch!!

First download this.. Winrar from

Ok now lets begin!

1) Find a repack, (Find a repack that is your WoW Version)

2) Download it and wait for it to finish, Open it when its done..

3) Extract the folder to your C:/ Drive

4) Open it, you will most likely see 2 folders, MySQL and Server

5) Open MySQL and start MySQL.bat

6) Go back and go into the folder named "Server"

7) Then start Authserver.bat and Worldserver.bat

Cool Wait for that to finish

9) Go into your WoW Folder>Data>enUS> and set realmlist

10) Then login with the Username:Admin and Password:Admin
__________________________________________________ ____________

How to make your Server public (WITH HAMACHI)

1) Download and Install Hamachi from here...


3) You will see some numbers... Example (111.111.111) at the top or something like that, Copy that.

4) Go into your Server folder and go to your Config folder

5) Go into realms and scroll Down to the bottom.. you will see something like this.....
Address = ""
Icon = "PVP"
Population = "1.0"
TimeZone = "8">

Change the Address from ( to Example hamachi IP (111.111.111:8129) KEEP THE 8129

6) Now all you have to do is get people to join your network on hamachi and set your realmlist to your Hamachi IP (111.111.111) <<< That was a example..
__________________________________________________ _______________

Last but not least! Creating accounts in the DB for people to use! (Navicat)

1) Go into your DB and log in with the Username:Root and Password:Ascent

2) Then go into accounts on the side and look for the table named "Accounts". Usually the second one.

3) Its pretty straight forward from there

Thank you for reading my Guide and please Rep and Give me some feed back and what i could improve on Next Time!! Thanks guys! Peace out.


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